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Dark Vader betaDesign in one theme & automate the rest

Why Dark Vader?

Compatible with any Design System

The sky is the limit as long as published team styles are used.

Not only for dark mode but more

Configure Dark Vader to work with multiple theme systems.

Set it up once

Dark Vader requires few simple steps to get it up and running for the whole team.

Works for the whole team

Anyone on your team can leverage the power of Dark Vader.

How it works?


Setup your color system

Make sure you have them published 

Setup your color system

Select your designs & use "👩‍💻 Setup" from Dark Vader menu

Make sure your published styles are used. Copy the color IDs into your own version of this AirTable template


After setting up AirTable copy the table link and paste it into "🖤 convert"

Enjoy using Dark Vader. Just keep that link or bookmark it somewhere 

Dark Vader is FREE

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